Global CMO addresses the biggest challenges facing today’s CMOs as they embark on their digital transformation journeys in an increasingly complex marketing landscape. It features deep-dive interviews from 18 of the world’s leading marketers. The brands represented in the book span a diverse range of sectors – from Mastercard and GE, to Hyatt Hotels and Samsung.

  • Chapter 1: Digital Transformation and the CMO
    Covers insight on today’s digital landscape, the state of digital disruption, and the challenges facing the global CMO.
  • Chapter 2: Taking on the Competition
    CMOs face many types of competition in today’s landscape, whether it be internal competition or external competition.
  • Chapter 3: The E-Commerce Revolution
    E-commerce has proven to be the fastest growing sector in a massive shift towards integrating technology into both business and marketing strategies.
  • Chapter 4: Leveraging Big Data
    Of the many marketing tools CMOs need to have under their belts during the shift from traditional to digital channels, big data analytics is one of the most important, and most challenging to get right.
  • Chapter 5: Technology and the CMO
    See how marketers can harness the rapidly changing technology landscape, to advance the entire company’s agenda in a sustainable and measurable way.
  • Chapter 6: The Changing Agency Model
    The rapid push toward integration and the fragmentation of the marketing and media landscape has significantly altered the client-agency working model.
  • Chapter 7: Look to Asia
    Asia is an incredibly large region that can create both opportunities and challenges for global companies trying to stay consistent across regions, and for regional marketers looking to expand.
  • Chapter 8: You Can’t Move What You Can’t Measure
    From finding the right KPIs to tracking a campaigns success, it is impossible to improve without having some concrete data to analyze what’s working and what’s not.
  • Chapter 9: Building a Modern Marketing Playbook
    Marketing organization is very different from the days of the advertising Mad Men, including the evolution of awareness, interest, consideration, and preference when it comes to marketing.
  • Chapter 10: The Eight Actions of a Future Fit CMO
    As new technologies enter the market and disrupters continue to spring up and challenge entire categories to think fast, traditional marketing organizations have to be thinking two steps ahead.