Digital Transformation has changed the modern marketing playbook.
As the landscape shifts, global marketers have to balance advancing unique organizational initiatives with the transformation of their entire sector. Many CMOs are spending more on technology than their Chief Information Officers (CIOs) or Chief Technology Officers (CTOs). In this new environment, what can a CMO do to stay ahead of the curve?

Global CMO features insights from interviews with eighteen leading global CMOs responsible for bringing their brands into the future across drastically different markets. The brands represented in this book span several sectors, from CPG leaders such as Coca-Cola and Colgate-Palmolive; to financial giants like Mastercard, Bank of America, and Citi; to leading technology companies, including GE and Samsung. Through these detailed discussions with the CMOs, independent marketing consultancy R3 seeks to uncover the common threads, solutions, and best practice to drive effectiveness and efficiency. Any practitioner—or observer—of marketing globally, regionally, or locally will find this a powerful resource.

Global CMO is the playbook for building a modern marketing organization, straight from the CMOs themselves.